Zoom Takazumi - The team's scout and Stealth Ops. The youngest member of Battle Force 5 and a skilled Thai fighter. Athletic, restless, and curious he also looks up to Vert, which sometimes leads to trouble when he imitates him.His vehicle is the Chopper. Zoom originally abandoned the Order of the Flying Fists, a school of elite martial arts warriors, for a new life in the outside world.In Episode 5 he was held hostage by the Vandals in the Crystal Battlezone and in Episode 10 he got poisoned by a pollen from the Vandel home-world. His BF5 uniform that is Yellow and Orange. During the Episode "Cage Match" Vert temporarily drove the Chopper because Zoom broke his right arm from a fall. (Zoom and Choper Right)

Zoom and Chopper

In season 2 of Battle Force 5 Zoom's Chopper and Vert's Saber combine into the Skyknife. (skyknife


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