Vert Wheeler - Battle Force 5's Leader,After finding his way into a Battlezone, Vert discovered and rescued Sage from the Vandals.After finding his way into a battle zone, Vert discovered and rescued the Sentient Sage from the Vandals. After they escaped back to Earth, he agreed to help Sage prevent the Vandals and the Sark from invading Earth. His vehicle is the Saber. Vert also has a double-edged sword and a special pair of glasses that can be used as binoculars. In the 1st season's finale, it is revealed that Battle Force 5 was part of a Sentient legend, or as they were called in the legend, "the Five", in which Vert is described as "the one with fire in his spirit". Vert is also part of another Legend called the Crimson One, as Sage had sent him back in time to give Zemerik free will to rebel against Krytus and to destroy the double-helix crystal that froze the Red Sentients.

In season 2 of Battle Force 5 Vert's Saber Combines with Many vehicles.

Vert Wheeler's Saber

Stanford Isaac Rhodes IV's Reverb Sonicslash
Vert Wheeler's Saber Zoom Takazumi's Chopper Skyknife
Vert Wheeler's Saber

Tezz Volitov''s Splitwire

Vert Wheeler's Saber

A.J. Dalton's


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