Humanoid Zurk and the Zentner


Mini-Zurks with battle key

The Zurk - are common and disposable minions for Zemerik, they make up the bulk of the Sark populace. Their vehicles are the Zentners which are armed with retractable dark matter Spike-Spines on the front. There are 2 types of Zurk: The Humanoid versions that drive the Zentners and the small wheeled versions, or Mini-Zurk, which roll about on their own. Generally, Zurk are mindless and will even destroy themselves if ordered to do so by Zemerik. However, the Mini-Zurk seem to have a greater degree of autonomy than their humanoid Zurk counterparts, demonstrated when they successfully stole a battlekey from the Battle Force 5 in their first appearance. The Zurk are all directed by a Sark Control Matrix. It is probable that the Zurk was the army that Krytus built Zemerik to command before his betrayal. Typically, any Zurk under Zemerik's command are blue. However, if a Red Sentient is nearby, control of the Zurk is overridden, upon which they turn red and use more aggressive tactics.
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