Tezz Volitov - Joins in episode five of season 2. A scientific genius of Russian or European origin and an expert in Electromagnetism. During an experiment, an unexpected reaction between his device and vehicle created a portal, bringing him to a Sentient moon. He fought back against the Red Sentients as the sole rebel there. Tezz is brought back to Earth by Stanford, where he receives his suit and vehicle upgrade. His vehicle is the Splitwire. He also wields a glove (gauntlet when in his suit) which can emit electromagnetic fields. Tezz prides in his intelligence, this tends to make him arrogant, and seems to butt heads with Stanford. Underneath it all is a very capable man who accepts the group as his "less intelligent" family. He calls himself a student of the Sentient culture, as he has learned of both races from artifacts and hieroglyphics on the Sentient moon.

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