Stanford Isaac Rhodes IV -The team's artillery expert and a British prince. He is an expert in sound and loves to party. He apparently has experience working as a disc jockey, as he comments on once working in a club in London. He also hates the planet Vandal and puzzles are not his strong point. His vehicle is the Reverb. He has a distant ancestor that once explored the multiverse and Stanford has an older brother named Simon Ian Rhodes II. Due to his royal roots, Stanford tends to be arrogant, isn't used to doing things for himself, and gets insecure when he makes a mistake, though he later learns independence and becomes more reliable as time goes on. The Reverb's cannons could have been made by using supersonic generators and hypersonic elements, plus Sage must know how to make the cannons because she says in the episode Power of Resistance that the cannons had to be totally rebuilt.

Stanford and the Reverb

In Episode 8, the Sark Zug became his servant temporarily. In Episode 9, a statue of his ancestor in the Monument Ruins Battlezone was found and he decided to try and investigate further. In Episode 13, it was revealed that, in his childhood, he was always last for Polo.It is reveled in episode 16,that the Reverb is sound prof.
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