Vert Wheeler vehicle is the Saber, a car which was once the Power Rage (a former Teku vehicle that was destroyed in the Water Realm) that Vert was driving when he discovered the battle zone and Sage. She rebuilt it into a new form and is the only Battle Force 5 car that is a hybrid of earth and Sentient technology. It can deploy powerful blade weapons, can spin through the air and matches his Red BF5 uniform. It can turn its front into an array of powerful blade weapons with buzzsaw attachments, has small wings on the sides that spin vertically, its body can rotate around the cockpit horizontally and it can even support the weight of another vehicle Vert also has a double-edged sword and a special pair of glasses that can be used as binoculars. In the 1st season's finale, it is revealed that Battle Force 5 was part of a Sentient legend, or as they were called in the legend, "the Five", in which Vert is described as "the one with fire in his spirit". Vert is also part of another Legend called the Crimson One, as Sage had sent him back in time to give Zemerik free will to rebel against Krytus and to destroy the double-helix crystal that froze the Red Sentients.


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